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PAWS On The Rocks........Welcome

You're probably wondering why the title Paws On The Rocks? It got your attention right? No, it's not a drink, but hmmmm, maybe I should think about that. Anyway, back to my reason for the title. Well, when I used to live in the US and would talk about my beautiful BVI, one of my college professors referred to my islands as a "rock", a "dot" in the Caribbean compared to his country. I always reminded him that although we are small, we have an abundance of natural beauty like no other and he couldn't argue about that. Now enter my pet business Happy Paws and the rest is history.

For about a year or so, I've been thinking about starting a blog about life as a pet sitter/dog walker on the island. I wanted to share experiences, my pet interactions and provide pet owners with useful simple tips for common issues. When I'm not being the "Dog Whisperer", as some of my dear clients/friends call me or "Super Mom" as my son Brae thinks I am, I plan to update my blog. My hope is that you find this entertaining and informative. Feel free to reach out and offer suggestions or advice to make it better.

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